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 Auld may be returning

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Heyas fr

PostSubject: Auld may be returning   Fri May 29, 2009 3:42 am

Hey there. Auld here, (former?)member of X-allies. Just wanted to stop by and post to see if some of my old guildies/friends are part of this guild. I checked the armory and saw that you have all joined this guild and wanted to say hello. If for some reason I got this all wrong and they have all sold their accounts or I have mistaken them all, please disregard this post and delete it immediately unless you all want to keep this for a good chuckle.

If you dont mind, if its ok, can you PM me your Vent info so that I may talk to yall again? I plan on coming back soon, but am not sure when I will be able to play full time again. If you are wondering why i dissappeared, I shall explain it once im sure that this is where you really all are. I will come back and check this forum in a few days.

Once again, if I got this all wrong I appologize.

Auld - Mage

PS - Wizz, I guess you are finally out DPS'n me now as I havent played in a while. Hope you wont be too upset when I come back and steal any thunder you may have... not that there will be much to take. Foupa, Oldd and others, talk to ya soon.
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PostSubject: My bad   Fri May 29, 2009 3:46 am

Sorry, didn't realize that i was not logged in when i posted this. Can't PM a guest so posted a reply so that you have a user to PM.

Auld - Mage
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Auld may be returning
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