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 valdrag 80 DK

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PostSubject: valdrag 80 DK   Wed Jan 14, 2009 2:32 am


death knight


What spec are you?
unholy dps

Armory Link:
prolly not updated lol

What days and times are you typically available to raid/play? (please list all times in "server time" rather than your local time zone)
im just moved to taipei in taiwan so my schedule got messed im actually trying to fix it to be able to have more time to raid so from 9pm to 12 server time im at class in weekdays but il try to make it to raids.....when i fix my schedule ill be all yours

Previous raiding experience: Please list all exp in raiding.
ZA full MC full BWL full AQ 20 full AQ40 up to princess huhu
kara full gruul full mag full SSC up to lurker TK full MT just missed archimonde
BT full SW brutallus

Current guild and reason for wanting to leave it, as well as previous Guilds and reasons you are no longer with them.
not in guild have been in few scrub guilds the reason why i left .....and was in Flawless victory didnt like the gm he was a jerk
never got in raids cuz i rerolled dk...gm didnt rly liked dks and even after beign and old FV member beign on time having all consumables for raids didnt got an invite for a single raid

List professions & skill level, and (if applicable) the professions of any alts that can be made available to guild members.
450 miningi think ill grab jewelcrafting

What is your RL Name, State/Country of residence and age (optional)?

What you want the guild to know about you?
im friendly i guess...lol hmm i do what im told i follow orders im not a rtard i bring everything i can to help the raid (chants reagents consumables) i can dps very well lol and tank if needed working on that def cap sucks to get def as a dk still in 533 def
im always looking for improved dps/tank rotaiton best specs i like to know bout my class and how it works how patchnotes affect me

What you expect from the guild?
A fun place to raid. cool ppl and progression
have no problems with pugz

What add-on modules do you use?
Deadly Boss Mods
a few others

Net Connection Speed/Type?

Names of current guild members you know, or referrals, if any...
Gadzilla, kitiria,( did 10 man naxx with them) foupa,novacayne
What do you like to do other than play wow?
party,time with my GF and yah my fam is in america lol
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PostSubject: Re: valdrag 80 DK   Thu Jan 15, 2009 11:19 am

yah also forgot nax 10 spider wing necro wing and patchwerk OS 10 and 25 vault 10 and 25
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PostSubject: Re: valdrag 80 DK   Sat Jan 17, 2009 9:22 pm

Thank you for your application.

At the moment we are not currently in need of a death knight. We will keep your application on record if a spot opens.
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PostSubject: Re: valdrag 80 DK   

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valdrag 80 DK
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