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 Nygel - 80 Druid

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PostSubject: Nygel - 80 Druid   Tue Feb 10, 2009 5:19 am




What spec are you?
Boomkin currently 55/0/16 (BUT, would like to be resto if needed)

Armory Link:

What days and times are you typically available to raid/play? (please list all times in "server time" rather than your local time zone)
M-F: 5pm-12am
S/S: 5pm-12am

Previous raiding experience: Please list all exp in raiding.
Full Clears of Vanilla, TBC but not sunwell, and most of WOTLK just not 3 drakes
Partial Clears of BT, Sunwell

Current guild and reason for wanting to leave it, as well as previous Guilds and reasons you are no longer with them.
Currently with Starlight and reason for looking elsewhere is due to me wanting to be with an est. guild that knows the fights well and has great people playing their respective classes.
Previously with We Like It Rough it was a friends guild for lvling and messing around.

List professions & skill level, and (if applicable) the professions of any alts that can be made available to guild members.
450 Alch/465 Herbalism

What is your RL Name, State/Country of residence and age (optional)?
Michael from So. Cal.

What you want the guild to know about you?
I'm a down to earth person who happens to like WoW! I have a 70 of every class and 3 80's so, I have a good understanding of the game mechanics and what not. I'm mature and responsible and expect my guildies to be the same. I'm also a student and work PT so Gamefaces raid schedule is actually perfect for me.

What you expect from the guild?
I would expect my guild to be fair and diligent. Plan and know the fights accordingly and be willing to work to achieve common goals shared by the guild such as progression. I would like for everyone to have fun and at the same time execute and just do the best they can which is hopefully enough to down all bosses! =D

What add-on modules do you use?
Smart Debuff
Deadly Boss Mods
and a few others

Net Connection Speed/Type?

Names of current guild members you know, or referrals, if any...
Sorry non that I know of that are 80.

What do you like to do other than play wow?
Play basketball and watch the LAKERS BABY! Baseball too! Go Dodgers! also like FPS games like COD. Strat games like CIV IV.
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PostSubject: Re: Nygel - 80 Druid   Tue Feb 10, 2009 7:39 pm

Your gear is not at our current playing level. Perhaps run some more 10 mans in the next few weeks then app again. You have to understand that when we're looking for a boomkin, Its mostly because of the 5% spell crit raid buff. That being said, that boomkin has to do equal or more dps than our current caster ensemble, and I dont think you will be able to keep up in that gear set.

So, work on your gear, then maybe re-app in a week or two.

Thanks for applying to gameface, good luck.
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Nygel - 80 Druid
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