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 Authority - Level 80 Tauren Death Knight.

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PostSubject: Authority - Level 80 Tauren Death Knight.   Fri Feb 20, 2009 5:35 am


Death Knight.


What spec are you?
Tank, currently Frost, with full epic DPS offset that's not as awesome as my tank set but still pretty decent.

Armory Link:

What days and times are you typically available to raid/play? (please list all times in "server time" rather than your local time zone)
M-T: 5pm-11pm
Friday: 5 PM-1 AM.
Satuday: Any time if I'm around.
Sunday: Any time during the day, cutting off at 11 PM.

Previous raiding experience: Please list all exp in raiding.
Full clears of everything currently in WotLK including OS 3D. Pre-BC: Onyxia, Molten Core, ZG, AQ40. BC, full clears of everything up to 3/6 SWP (and the 3/6 came only recently in one of Roflcopter's pug SWP runs), prior to that I had only full experience up to raping Illidan on a weekly basis.

Current guild and reason for wanting to leave it, as well as previous Guilds and reasons you are no longer with them.
Currently with Stay Frosty, a good group of people, but they seem destined to stay farming 10 man content and struggling to get a core group of raiders for the truly endgame stuff. I've been with them only a few days, and was also with them in BC well before patch 2.4 hit. I went on break and came back for WotLK, transferred to Illidan and ran with The House where I recently left not so much because of the guild, but because of the server itself. It's irritating just to play on that server these days. Much like Tichondrius, it is a shell of its former self.

List professions & skill level, and (if applicable) the professions of any alts that can be made available to guild members.
450 Mining/449 Blacksmithing, Armorsmith. I can give away Titansteel CDs to guildies, and create a lot of items. If we have any alts just hitting 80, I can hit them up with any Titansteel pieces they may be looking for as long as they bring me the mats.

What is your RL Name, State/Country of residence and age (optional)?
Bangor, Maine

What you want the guild to know about you?
Not a whole lot to know, really. I play guitar. I <3 Family Guy and NCIS. I play Call of Duty 4 when I'm not playing this. I'm quiet but good at communicating what an issue is, if there is one, and I'll typically have the means to rectify it whether it's telling someone kindly what would be doing, or changing something up on my end. Everyone makes mistakes and I'll admit to mine. I like to tank anything and everything, though I will switch to DPS if it is absoutely necessary. Tanking is what I do, though. It's been my niche since Dire Maul was the new hotness.

What you expect from the guild?
I don't doubt we'll be able to clear all the content there is to offer. Hopefully we'll have other things lined up, too, when the content is down and the progression/farm raiding is done for the week. From what I understand, Roflcopter usually hosts TK and SWP clears. Stuff like that. Wouldn't hurt to have some avid PvPers in the guild either, though this season isn't exactly one I'm taking seriously. -_-

What add-on modules do you use?
Deadly Boss Mods
Magic Runes
QuestHelper <-- Sometimes, everything now is a daily so I don't really have a use for it.

Net Connection Speed/Type?

Names of current guild members you know, or referrals, if any...
I suppose Roflcopter would vouch, he's the only one that I've spoken with in-game and he referred me to the forums.

What do you like to do other than play wow?
Well, like I said, play guitar and write music. I hardly ever get to hook up with fellow musicians these days for a jam session. I play basketball, always been the athletic type but not the jock type. Used to be in the U.S. army, served a tour with the 1st Cavalry Division for the Surge. 15 months. Took one in the leg, dodged the rest and got blown up a few times. Disability pay for the rest of my life courtesy of Uncle Sam, and free airport parking, hell yeah. I'm also on a never ending journey to finish the last half of my fucking Thunderfury quest. =(
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PostSubject: Re: Authority - Level 80 Tauren Death Knight.   Fri Feb 20, 2009 8:28 pm

Well, apparently our DK tank is off of MIA status >.> all of a sudden. So like i said, you would have to dps, blood 2h spec most likely, but ya, if you can put out the numbers:

+1 for me, well see what everyone else says
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Authority - Level 80 Tauren Death Knight.
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